To begin with I'd like to explain you what is PPD. PPD = Pay Per Download. You just simply get paid for every download of your files. It is usually ~1$ (0.1$ - 19$) per download. Why do you get so much for a single download? It's because in order to download file people must complete a survey, that means means that they have to register somewhere using their e-mail (you get ~0.3$) or they have to buy something (You get 5-19$) and so on.

CleanFiles.net is pretty new (about 5-6 months old) PPD Site but it already managed to get trust of all members and bacame one of the leading PPD sites which has few obvious advantages:

• Highest earnings (Pays the most per download)
• Simple but efficient File Manager
• Detailed statistics
• Opportunity to optimize campaigns
• Community Forum


Talking about myself, I first time heard about PPD and CF about 3 month ago and decided to give it a try. I was a total newbie and even didn't imagine how to begin but after some researches I've started to earn first $. It took me 3 days to get the first download for 0.5$. But the more you work the more expereince you get. Untill now (in 1 month) I have managed to earn first 100$.

Payouts are made weekly! This is a rare things to see on PPD network these days, unless you are making thousands of dollars, and then they make an effort to pay you earlier. But on Cleanfiles, no matter how much or little you make, if you reach to $50, you can request a weekly payout. As simple as that.
Cleanfiles developed a great reputation as it's been for some time out there, although I will keep my statement to call it still new, if it's not older than 1-2 years, despite the fact that in several months this PPD network made a good name for themselves. While I am writing this Cleanfiles review, I realize that just talking about introductions and such, won't help anyone making a good idea about this, unless I will start to mention what makes it different than the rest of the other PPD networks.
• Minimum Payout: 50$
• Payouts comes: Weekly. If your balance is 50$ or more Untill Sunday night you will get paid on Thursday Night.

• Payout Methods: PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Direct Wire, Check, ACH Direct Deposit.

Payament methods:
Let's Begin Go To Click Here : Cleanfiles.net

Why are you joining Cleanfiles?

Assisted My Friends With It.I Heard that Cleanfiles Is The great Site So I Woukd Like To Get In,Explore And View The Future Though Cleanfiles Would Like To Join And Experience With It.

What methods will you use to promote Cleanfiles links?

I have used otherMarketing sites which use Pay-per-Download Methods such as sharecash and currently Fileflare.My idea was to transfer methods to here.My froends have informed me that Cleanfiles was one of the best PPD website out there so i woulf like be apart of that.My affilate marketing experience is quite high.My average amount each month is around $400 using my high traffic based methods.I'm a founder of many blogs that have download links that i plan to contect lock One Method of business is hacing my viewers go to my website and download the goofs that catch their eye.they already content locked with sharecash.These are the real programs for business.everywhere that ask me to advertise their products.i advertise every possible way i can.My goal is with uniqe techniques gain a lot more publicity and share the good word to everyone.These are some of my very few ways that i want to share here Thanks.

List Websites (One Per Line, Optional)

Give it Yours Website/Blog

List YouTube Channels (One Per Line, Optional)

Give it Yours Youtube

Registering to CleanFiles takes few minutes but you have to wait up 48h to get confirmed. But You can get accepted faster. Download this file and insert this in your promo code.


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