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Clixsense for Beginners

Clixsense is a Paid to Click site since February 2007. At present, they paid over $2 million and have more than 2 million registered members. Over the years, Clixsense has innovated from the traditional PTC into a hybrid one. Aside from Paid to Click service, they also do GPTs like Tasks and Offers.

Unlike Neobux, Clixsense is known as a 'slow earner' site until the 'Tasks' has been released. The 'Task' made another way for members to earn. Another thing is they don't offer Rented Referrals, but you can have unlimited Direct Referrals, which is good if you can refer that much.

How to earn with Clixsense?

As mentioned earlier, Clixsense is a hybrid PTC program which offers PTC services and Tasks. Let's explain further.

You can earn in Clixsense by:

  • Paid To Click - For standard members, Clixsense offers 1 Standard ($0.01) and more than 5 various ads each day, with a value of $0.001 up to $0.005. If you compute it, the average earnings per day will be up to $0.03 only. That's why it's known as a slow earning site. But if you upgrade as a 'Premium Member', you can click 4 standard ads each day and up to 10+ various ads with a value of $0.001 up to $0.05 each day. It seems that being a premium member will give you a faster realization of your earnings.
  • Tasks - Clixsense being a hybrid PTC is not bad. In fact, it's a good thing that they introduced this because it gives way to a new earning opportunity for the members. Clixsense's Task uses CrowdFlower Platform, which is known for crowdsourcing. The tasks value ranges from $0.01 up to $0.7 (yes, 0.7) per task. Comparing it to your PTC earnings, it is really a good opportunity. The only thing that keeps you from earning from this is the availability of the task. That's why when you do tasks, make it faster and accurate to earn more. Clixsense also offers the "Top 10 Workers of the week". The top 10 workers for the week receives a $100 incentive. Yep, that's right just by doing tasks.
  • Offers - There are various offers in Clixsense, like free and paid offers. Just go with the free offers and you'll be fine.
  • ClixGrid - You can earn here when you luckily viewed the ad with a prize. The prizes are, '5 chances in ClixGrid', $0.1, $0.25, $0.5, $1 and $5. Standard members have 25 chances while Premium members have 50. Just don't miss playing the ClixGrid, you might get the $5 jackpot.

And also, you can earn from your direct referrals. Here is the comparison between Standard and Premium membership.


Guaranteed Ads Daily14

Welcome Ad Creditsnone1000
Note: Welcome Ad Credits are given only once when you upgrade to be spent on your advertising. Find out more how to advertise here and here.

ClixGrid Chances2550

Minimum Cashout$8.00$6.00

ClixGrid Timer10 sec5 sec

Pay per Click$0.001 to $0.02$0.001 to $0.02

Pay per Referral Click$0.0002 to $0.004$0.0004 to $0.008

Signup Commissionsnone$0.50 after referral earns $1.00 on PTC clicks

Upgrade Commissions *$2.00 per upgraded direct referral$2.00 per upgraded direct referral +
$1.00 per upgrade through 7 more tiers

Sales Commissions
(Ad Credits and ClixGrid Purchases)
10% up to $1.00 per purchase
limited at $50 per referral
10% up to $2.00 per purchase
limited at $100 per referral

Tasks Commissions5% per completed task10% per completed task

Offers Commissions5% per completed offer10% per completed offer

Membership CostFREE$17.00 per Year

And also, you can upgrade your own referral for just $15 (- $2 from upgrade commission). So if you're planning to register in ClixSense, just make sure you have your upline to have a discount on Premium Membership upgrade.

III. How to start with Clixsense

You can start by clicking 'Sign Up' in clixsense main page. But first, make sure you have a payment processor. If you don't have one, check out here for more information about payment processors.

After you have registered for a payment processor, proceed to register for an account in clixsense. You can register by clicking here www.clixsense.com


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