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Q: Can I earn money by clicking on these banners on this website and earn money this way?
A: Not exactly.This website only show you other PTC websites. They will pay you when you are registered and clicking their ads.

Q: Are these sites free to join?
A: Yes! All PTCs are free to join what I have listed here. Only few needs a little investing if you want to make serious money.

Q: How and when I get paid?
A: You can withdraw your earnings after you have reached minimum requestal amount ( usually 1$-10$ ). You need also Alertpay and/or Paypal account for this (other known payment processors are also recommended due many sites using also other payment processors additionally).

A: A referral is someone who works for you. Sounds good? Keep on reading:
A referral gets what every other user gets when they click ads: Money! But, if a user that clicks ads is your referral, you get money, too! There are two types of referrals and three ways of getting them:

1.) * Direct referral:
This user registered using your username as their referrer. In my opinion, best and most profitable class.

2.) * Rented referral:
You rented them. Usually BUX sites rent "bots" , what is not bad thing exactly when their daily click AVG is good, above 1. Usually you pay about $0.25 for renting one refferral for one month. With AVG 1 when you earn from your rented referrals click $0.01, then you earn $0.30 per month each referral what is still profitable. Also many bux sites have such feature as "autopay", what extend your most active referrals automatically and "autopay" save your money too.

3.) * Buy referrals:
You can buy them and will keep them forever. Not very good way because when you buy them then as they are real people usually and they may be not active and will "die" after several clicks. This may cause that you pay more than they earn for you. Bux site can't quarantee that they stay active because no one can force anybody to click. 

Q: How can I get referrals?
There are two ways exactly:

1.) The free way - Login to your account. Then find out your referral URL. Located on "banners" section usually. Referral URL is your unique link what you can gave to your friends. Through this link they can register under you, what means that you are their referrer/upliner. Advertise your referral links everywhere! Put your ref links on your e-mail signature, forums, orkut, myspace, twitter and so on. But, do not spam! Share your links to your friends. Always be friendly and honest. Traffic exchanges are not so effective, but you can get referrals that way also. If you know how create a website. Then you can make your own link collection and add it in search engines. You can also create a blogs. There are many many ways how you can get referrals. Google helps you also and shows you the way.

2.) You can buy or rent referrals! - This meaning, you must put your money into it. Good thing is, you can start earn money with this method much faster. Also this takes lesser your time. I recommend to start with few rented referrals, 5-10 only for start. Then you can see how this system works and also see how good is this site rented referrals daily avarage clicks. Below 1 is not good and not profitable!
Remember! You need active referrals no matter rented or direct, if You want earn dollars not only cents!

Q: Can you quarantee that I get paid anyway?
Unfortunately I can't quarantee that for you 100%. Because I do not own these sites and do not know exactly these sites financial condition. But before I add here any site, I do deep research and test them out by myself. Also you can see my payment proofs that I've got paid. As I said, I do my best to keep scam sites far away from here.

Q: How much time I must spend per day working on these sites?
Depends, how many sites you are registered on. Usually when you click all ads and spend little time to advertise your links. I think this getting about 1-2 hours per day. Myself I spending about 2h per day for advertising and clicking.

Q: I think this is waste of time!
Indeed! When you don't have a time to click ads daily basis and advertise your referral links (get more new fresh referrals who click ads and earn money for you). Nobody give money when you don't do anything. Sad but true. Referrals is the key in this business. If you don't have any referrals and you make about $0.04 per day because you only click daily fixed ads, then this is waste of time indeed (working with 1-3 programs only).

Q: If I use some programs what surfing for me (autosurf, click software), then what gonna happen?
Do not use any kind of programs, autosurfers! Because then you will lose your account and also all your earnings!

Q: I have a problem with one of your listed sites. What I must to do?
Contact this site support team or admin and explain your problem. Also read this site forum and usually you get answers from there. Do not ask from me questions about payments or something like that. You must contact this site support if you have a problem with payments or any other!

Now you know the basics. It's time to make some money :) . Click "TOP PTC" on the menu.

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